Trucks…. the secret to little boys.

I loved getting to know this cute family.  Jett and Raegan showed up ready for pictures…or I should say Ragean showed up ready…. Jett on the other hand wasn’t too sure about ME or  the PICTURES!  That is until I told him about the really cool old truck!  His eyes widened and I knew he was my BFF 😉  These two were just so easy to photograph and I had so much fun with them. Here is just a sneaky peek of some of my favs!


Kristy Guzman - Adorable Jennifer!! Those boys are adorable!! Belle saw the truck and said “I wanna go there mommy and wear my foofoo skirt”. LOL. Do you mind sharing it with me so I can take her there and get her pictures on the truck wearing her “foofoo skirt”. hahaha. Again…. LOVE THEM!! So cute. :0)

Amy - So stinkin cute! Love your work.

Lisa Boucher - makes me want to take the class all over again… You are great!

Megan Darger - WoW!! These are so cute!! You did a great job!!