Dance Dance Dance

I had a great time photographing the Ladera Ranch Dance studio in southern California.

Cutest girls and the most darling recital outfits!!

These two cousins just cracked me up!

…to preach and teach and work as missionaries do!

The  airport looked a little too familiar since I had just flown in earlier that day….exhausted from a week of shooting in California  (btw california peeps that post is up next 😉  I have to say I was dragging a bit getting myself back to the airport for a midnight shoot with my friends and long time clients the Dowdles.  Their son Ryan was returning from 2  years in Bolivia and they asked me to document the night for them.  What an honor! An event I couldn’t pass up… no matter how tired.  It’s funny how EXCITEMENT  can overrule EXHAUSTION.  I loved the feeling in the air and I flashed back to my own homecoming from Argentina 15 YEARS AGO!! Dang I’m old.  What a fun night.  The second I saw Ryan coming down the corridor I just lost it and started balling which isn’t a good thing when you are also trying to focus through your camera and your eyes are blurry!! Thank goodness for technology and  my little focal beeps I could trust 😉 Honestly…missions are cool and all but thinking about saying goodbye to my own THREE boys….not cool!  Here’s hoping that day comes REALLY slowly.

Arizona Wedding

I’m so embarrassed that I’m just now posting this wedding!  I guess that is what happens when you hit two states in 9 days and combine that with one wedding, 12 family shoots and 8 kid shoots on the road! It was madness but soooooo fun! Especially because I got to hang with  my fun cousins and best friend!  Gearing up to do it all again in one week! INSANITY.