Where did the time go?

{Tracy & Brittany Wedding}

I guess it is true…I’m old.  In my mind I’m not though.  That should count right?  My little brother got married last week.  I was in highschool when he was born and boy did we have fun with him!! My sisters and I would dress him up like a little girl (while my dad was at work of course) And we did this other thing that was…now that I think of it REALLY mean…but whenever he would start to act up we’d just toss him in our pool!  So cruel!!  It got to the point where all we had to say was “You want me to throw you in the pool?”  And he was silent.  I might be able to PUSH him in the pool now but chances are I’d probably end up in there with him.

Here’s a shot of us back in the “Old-n Days.”  We called it “Rambo-ing”  After dark pretending to hunt down all the “bad guys.”

I love you Tracy & Brittany! Congratulations on your wedding and new life with Brittany!

Rock a Bye Baby

in the Tree Top……

WHAT???  WAIT!!!  Yes I put this baby in a tree branch several feet above the ground.  So glad that Mom, Dad, Grandma and Aunt trusted me enough to let me get a little crazy. Don’t worry one of the above mentioned was crouched down and hidden the entire time.  Plus “Saftey First” duh.  Welcome Miss Addi who also happens to have quite the appetite.  Girl after my own heart!

Amy F - So sweet..

Jennifer - Jen – I love them! You are SO good!! Of course we trust you with our baby – you were patient enough to wait through her 8,000 feedings!! Thanks again!

Wildflowers in Bloom!

For about 2 weeks of the year this place looks AMAZING!!  One of my favorite times of the year!

It also helps when you have the cutest little 1 year old to photograph!

6 degrees of Summer

You know that  thing where people can link somehow to Kevin Bacon…or something like that….well, I’m pretty sure I can trace a lot of my clients back to Summer Weaver.  This happens to be Summer’s  cute sister Tiffany and her darling kids!

Summer-Time with the Weavers

Summer Weaver is seriously one of my VERY best clients! She is one of those people that just advertises for you wherever she goes!  She is what the book Purple Cow calls a “Sneezer!”  Everyone needs one or two or three!!