These Boots were made for WALKING!

My cute mother and father-in law recently moved and we did these fun moving cards and pictures.  I loved how they turned and LOVE having them so much closer now!!


FRONT                                                                                                                                                                                   BACK

Von - what an adorable card, you are oh so talented.

Marble Knight Groomals

Such a beautiful time of year to get married.  I’ve always loved fall weddings! The colors the temperature….so lovely.  Well these are long overdue and wedding pictures coming VERY soon;) Such a striking couple! Sydney even wore her mothers wedding dress.  Love that!


Deegan Family

I’ve been photographing this little guy since he was in his momma’s tummy!  Such a cutie with the sweetest family.


Glimpse of Santa 2012

First, a big thank-you to this year’s partner, Saratoga Springs Crossfit!

The Glimpse of Santa charity event will be held at their Crossfit Box (17 W. Hillcrest Dr. in Saratoga) on Saturday, November 10th from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. All proceeds from the day’s sessions will benefit Saratoga Springs families effected by the floods and mudslides.

Additional Date Options: November 17th and 24th!

Call 801.722.5878

to book your appointment 

How much it costs: This year sessions are again $150! You receive your choice of Grey/Brown, Teal or White backdrop.  Your images get the “EXTRA” edit with texture, snowflakes, stars, Christmas 2012 or whatever else you’d like to make your photo look unique and fantastic! (examples of the style of editing are in the blog post and my FACEBOOK page HERE.  And if you schedule your session on November 10th atTHE CROSSFIT BOX100% of the proceeds will benefit Saratoga Springs flood and mudslide families. If you can’t make the 10th , no fear; The families will be receiving 25% of all proceeds from ALL of the Glimpse of Santa sessions.

Can’t make the event on November 10th? Don’t worry! Other available dates are November 17th and November 24th.   Book a session on one of these dates and 25% of the proceeds will benefit the Charity Family

That was a bit of the when and where.
Now for the what, and most important, the why.

I know how much you can’t stand love taking your kids to the mall, standing in incredibly long short lines and wondering what the heck you’re doing what a fabulous job the teenage photographer is doing, but let me show you another a BETTER option:

Now that’s a heck of a lot better, don’t you think?

 CLICK HERE for are the details:

Bird Family

tweet tweet! I’m sure they get it all!  It was a wild and crazy photoshoot.  Including a Dad driving crazy on his golf cart as well as ash raining down on us from a nearby fire.  Always interesting!