GIVE AWAY~ oh giVe aWay

itunesAs a Blog-warming gift I’m giving away a sweet  $15 iTunes gift card to ONE very lucky blog commenter.  Mr. will select the winner on Monday, April 13th (Mr. Tedy’s b-day) I will close the comments off at 10pm (MST) on Sunday the 12th.  I would say Midnight but my  new goal is to get to bed before midnight.

Here are the rules:

1. leave a comment (include your name, email and blog address- only i can see email and blog address)

2. not a rude comment either…as if

3. link me on your blog

4. if you don’t have a blog….ummm let’s see….you have to email 3 of your friends about my blog- i can’t really check this so no cheating 😉

5. only one entry per person

6. Monday Apil 13th at (whenever I roll out of bed) I’ll post and email the winner!!

Cherish Hayes - So impressed with your new blog…I am amazed at all your talent. (In many different areas.) This will be awesome to have as a reference for our photo class and to keep tabs on your “Mamarazzi life”.

Ashley - Love the blog…so creative. Love the Mamarazzi!!!!

Bryn Swensen - I LOVE your blog!! I was wondering why you hadn’t posted in awhile. I’m excited that you have a photo tips spot. Also, I could stare at your header all day with all those pictures. Your photo class is looking like so much fun! Maybe I should sign up anyway, even if I have already had you as my personal photography trainer!

Elena - I hope you have classes going when I finally get a digital slr. One day. BTW – I love your new blog.

Heather - OK….I’ve complied with all the rules! Now I will just wait and keep my fingers crossed the Mr. will select me for the iTunes gift certificate. It’s been a while since I’ve made a new Favorites CD. You must never sleep Jen, I don’t know where you get the time and energy to do all that you do….you’re amazing! I am excited that you’re blogging again. I’ve missed your posts.

Jenny Turcsanski - Jen, I’m having sooooo much fun learning to take awesome pictures. You are the best sister-in-law! I’m so glad I know you and can be apart of your shared creativity and talents! BTW- Love the blog. I have you bookmarked in my favorites and linked on my blog!

Tami Vincent - Love your blog, I love your class, even if I dont pass. Great idea on simplifying, I am totally doing that when I get back from paradise. If I win I will bring you to Hawaii next time I come!

Amanda - You can’t keep up with 15 blogs, 3 kids, a photography business, church callings AND a husband? Puh-Leeze! I know you sit around watching soap operas, eating chocolate all day…wanna run the Ragnar with me next spring & we’ll work off our baby weight/chocolate fixes together??? Love ya, Mamarazzi!

sam eliason - I NEED the itune card. I want to thank you now!
Love Sam your brother

MOM - I think I could figure out how to use one of those!! Hey, BTW (cool, I just used a text phrase!) Love your new blog – been missing your updates!

marianne - Yeah baby…cool new website/blog. Can I just say I love the class. Totally looking forward to tonight! btw I did link you on my blog!

Kristy Lee - LOVE this blog. You’re so amazing. Can’t wait to get that video posted here one of these first days!

Amy - I am AMAZED at your talent. I need to put a new camera on my please buy me list so I can take a class from you someday. In the meantime I’ll just admire your work.

Nichole Bruce - I really don’t know how you do it all! I am loving the class and learning mounds of info. Seriously, thank you!!

Deb Lamb - I’m a friend of Becky and Gabe’s. I’ve been following your blog and looking at your website for a long time because of my own love of photography. You inspire me–not just your work, but also your life! Thank you for posting to your blog and allowing so many people to share in your creativity. I will share your blog address with my friends!

Kim Hutchens - I love the blog!!! I just want to tell you how excited I am to learn from you! You are such an awesome photographer!

lisa Boucher - How is it possible that you make it look so easy to blog?? Do you remember when my daughter started my blog 3 years ago and so far I posted one blog?!!! This is way cute. You do such a great job…after we finish the photog class can you have a blog class?!

DIana Bell Kolste - Jen! You are bomb shiz! You’re pictures are so amazing and I can’t even wait to see the new ones you just took!

Aaron - BAM LAST ONE!!!!!!

Class is In-Session!

So I’ve had/HAVING the best time teaching photography.  I have a Tuesday class and a Thursday class…All women and it has been a serious outlet for me and hopefully for them too!  I got an email from one of my photog- gals after she sent me an amazing photograph that I truly fell in love with.  I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing:

“I did want to say that I think as moms so much of what we do goes unrecognized and maybe unappreciated – I don’t know about your house, but I don’t get a lot of pats on the back for cleaning the toilet.  It’s nice to hear that something I did touched you emotionally and that you thought I did a good job.

That just made my day when I read it!  Anyway, I just wanted to give them all a “hip hip hurray” for doing so awesome on all the assignments and it’s been cool seeing creativity oozing out of them!  Love Love love it!  So here are a few pix.  Sorry Tuesday gals I don’t have any shots of you in action I was so busy running around to everyone I spaced it.  Don’t you worry though…I’ll get you sooner or later 😉


Binders & H2O



Diet Coke for the addictsworkshop-010

Girls in Action! They were shooting in PURE manual by the start of the 2nd class!workshop-019

some rug-rat we pulled off the street to use as our model.  someone really  needs to give his mother some pointers on matching clothes.workshop-022

this is my Max-O and, well…he is darling no matter what he wears.

button workshop mom

Ashley - Love the class Jen! It is so fun…and I look forward to it every week. Learning so much! AND I have to say…I think that is the 1st real pic of me looking prego!

Kristy Guzman - My cousin in law is taking your class, and I was wondering when your next one is going to be. I would love to join in. If you can give me some details, I would really like to come and learn more than what I have already taught myself. I am always up for learning and making my own photos better. :0) Thank you!!


I’ve officially decided to be lazy simplify things!  I obviously couldn’t keep up with my photography blog, my photography tips blog and my family blog was starting to see MAJOR slight gaps in my posts. Now with the start of the I *heart* Photography Workshop I wanted YET another blog!  HELLO! Am I CRAZY a ‘go getter’ or what?  So the result is everything dumped here  at “My Mamarazzi Life.”  I’m throwing it all TOGETHER and hopefully I’ll organize it well enough so that you can find what you want all in one TOTALLY AWESOME nice blog.