Glimpse of Santa

First, a big thank-you to this year’s partner, Saratoga Springs Crossfit!

The Glimpse of Santa charity event will be held at their Crossfit Box (17 W. Hillcrest Dr. in Saratoga) on Saturday, November 10th from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. All proceeds from the day’s sessions will benefit Saratoga Springs families effected by the floods and mudslides.

Call 801.722.5878

to book your appointment 


Can’t make the event on November 10th? Don’t worry! Other available dates are November 17th and November 24th.   Book a session on one of these dates and 25% of the proceeds will benefit the Charity Family

That was a bit of the when and where.
Now for the what, and most important, the why.


I know how much you can’t stand love taking your kids to the mall, standing in incredibly long short lines and wondering what the heck you’re doing what a fabulous job the teenage photographer is doing, but let me show you another a BETTER option:

Now that’s a heck of a lot better, don’t you think?

Here are the details:

  • What it is: A Glimpse of Santa is a unique photography experience with Santa (aka YOU, Dad, an aunt or grandpa).
  • Why it works: Most children already know the Santa at the mall is just Santa’s helper, so why not let the helper be you?  This pretty  much guarantees a “no tears” photo shoot and I get the best smiles and expressions out of those kiddos! No photos of Santa’s face and a screaming child; these photos will only show parts of Santa but all of your kids.
  • How long it takes: Your session will last about 20 minutes, which is about as long little ones can last. Any longer and they are DONE. And hello, you’re paying for my lightning fast photo-snapping fingers and crazy mad photo skills!
  • What to wear: Anything goes!  Think Christmas pj’s, a fancy Christmas outfit, jeans and t-shirt or one of my tutus. (A little elf outfit would be suh-weet!)
  • What to bring: I’ll have a couple props but if you want to provide your own, that’s fantastic! You could bring a wrapped present for them to open, a favorite teddy bear or blanket . . . even a giant candy cane or lollipop would be cool!
  • What you get: You will receive 10 to 15 edited high-res images on CD with copyright release so you can print them ANYWHERE! Best of all, you get 20 minutes of watching me dance around making crazy noises and pretend sneezes!
  • How much it costs: This year sessions are again $150! You receive your choice of Grey/Brown, Teal or White backdrop.  Your images get the “EXTRA” edit with texture, snowflakes, stars, Christmas 2012 or whatever else you’d like to make your photo look unique and fantastic! (examples of the style of editing are in the blog post and my facebook page HERE.  And if you schedule your session on November 10th at The Crossfit Box, 100% of the proceeds will benefit Saratoga Springs flood and mudslide families. If you can’t make the1 0th , no fear; The families will be receiving 25% of all proceeds from ALL of the Glimpse of Santa sessions.
  • Where The Crossfit Box is located: 17 West Hillcrest Drive in Saratoga Springs, Utah. A special thanks to Coach Drew, Krista, Christian and Marci, the owners. THANK YOU!
  • How you can schedule your  session: Call 801.722.5878 and I will let you know what slots are still available. Make your appointment soon . . . slots are going quickly!
  • Where the other sessions are located: All other sessions will be held in my basement studio in Saratoga Springs. Please call for directions and to schedule your appointment.

Call 801.722.5878 to reserve your session.
And hurry! Spots are filling quickly!

And now for the WHY . . .

 Rainstorms on September 1st have caused heavy flooding and mudslides in Saratoga Springs, affecting at least 24 homes in two neighborhoods.

Utah County officials say that there are mudslides in the Jacob’s Ranch area that has forced the closure of Redwood Road. According to the city, Redwood Road is SR-68 from MP 28 to US 6 near Goshen. Any vehicles that come from the south must reroute through Goshen and around Utah Lake.

City officials are estimating that 24 homes in the Jacobs Ranch and Saratoga Springs Development areas have been affected by the slides. Families who have been displaced can go to the LDS Church at 2947 Swainson Ave. for shelter. The Red Cross is headed to Saratoga Springs to assist people who have been forced from their homes. Officials are asking all residents in the area to stay put unless they are directly affected by the mudslide. All others are asked to stay away from the area for safety reasons.

Yesterday’s storms brought hail, very heavy rain and winds as high as 60 mph. The rain hit the susceptible area near the burn scar from the Dump Fire that burned nearly 6,000 acres in June.


Meet our past Glimpse of Santa recipients 


Spencer Felt and Family

Once again it was SUPER hard to settle in on a family for this years event.  I am always flooded with so many amazing stories of courage and heartbreak.  Which never makes it easy on me but I am happy to introduce Spencer Felt.  Just 5 years old and waiting for a heart to save his life.  As you can imagine bills are piling up and every bit helps.  I’m happy that so many of my clients have returned again this year to participate in Glimpse of Santa. I’ll include the background story written by his mom and dad below from there website:

“Last week (the end of September) Spencer began complaining of pain in his abdomen. Of course my first thought was stomach flu, but he never threw up. He also never had a fever or any other “typical” symptoms. It didn’t go away so I took him to his pediatrician on Thursday and he decided to try some Zantac in case it was just gastritis. And he instructed us that if it didn’t get better, to come in for an x-ray. The pain was still bad on Saturday and he complained a little bit of a sore throat so I took him in to clinic for a strep check. It was negative. I figured the next step was to take him back to the doc Monday morning, but by Saturday night he was so miserable and his breathing was getting so scary that we took him to the ER in Logan. After an ultrasound of his abdomen they discovered an enlarged gall bladder. They consulted a surgeon who, due to Spencer’s age and unusual symptoms, immediately said to send him to Primary Children’s in SLC.

Spencer and I rode in the ambulance, while Matt went home to pack a few necessities and hurry along behind us. When we got to the ER in SLC they started to assess him for the enlarged gall bladder and during that time the doc checked a chest x-ray and discovered that while his gall bladder was enlarged, that was just a symptom of the real problem, his heart. He was rushed into a trauma room and stabilized until they could move him to the PICU. Eventually, someone explained to us that he was in heart failure. At first they thought/hoped that it was acute failure caused by a virus. That was ruled out after a couple of days and they have now given the diagnosis of “ideopathic dilated cardiomyopathy”. Or, in normal people terms: they don’t know what is causing the left side of his heart to be so enlarged and unable to keep up with his body’s demands, but it’s made him very sick and if they can’t help his heart with supportive measures, ie. meds, ventilator, heart-lung machine, then he will be considered for a heart transplant.

You can imagine that this is extremely shocking and heartbreaking for us. Watching our little boy fight for his life is the hardest thing we’ve ever done and we would do anything to take it from him if we could.

We are so sad, but we are also hopeful and our faith is strong. We trust our Heavenly Father and put our lives in His loving hands.

Words cannot express our gratitude at the overwhelming outpouring of love and support from so, so many.”


Lizzie Huff & the Gang

I had several people recommend children and families in need this year, and let me tell you, it was soooooooo hard to choose. From the very beginning I had a feeling it would be Lizzie, and even after three days of reading the sweet, often heartbreaking stories of others, I just couldn’t get little Lizzie out of my noggin! And because I believe in SIGNS and WHISPERINGS and every other good thing from God, I knew this was the family. I’ve only talked on the phone with Lizzie’s mom Carol once; I didn’t want to hang up and I’ve bawled my eyes out while reading their BLOG. Wow! What an amazing family, and oh, how those brothers and sisters love each other. (Well, most of the time, right?)

Last year Lizzie underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor. She was only 5 years old. While the removal of the tumor was a success, it left Lizzie with many lifelong battles such as short-term memory issues and weight control. The part of the brain that controls hunger sort of got zapped when the surgeons removed her tumor.  She feels hungry pretty much all the time, which makes her gain weight, and even the healthiest diet won’t change anything. You can imagine the teasing from children who don’t know her situation.

I could go on and on, like tell you how Lizzie’s mom runs back and forth from Primary Children’s Hospital so much I bet she can drive there on autopilot! You can read the Huff family blog for the full story. I’d like to leave you with a few lines written by Lizzie’s dad Ben:

I don’t think I was a total jerk before all of this happened. But it makes me wish I had been a little more generous when I had heard of people going through difficult times. It makes me wish I had written letters, made phone calls, stopped to kneel and say a prayer in someones behalf who was struggling or done something else to serve others. There were certainly times when I know I have done these things, but not enough, and probably not with enough sincerity or dedication. I can tell you that I know things will be different going forward though. I am going to try to make an effort to be more genuinely concerned with the needs of others and be less selfish. I hope you’ll join me. Thanks again for the kindness and prayers. We are truly grateful!

Glimpse of Santa Family, 2009

Thank you to all who participated last year. Your generosity was amazing!
We are happy to report that Odette is in REMISSION!

Here is an excerpt from last year’s Glimpse of Santa featured family:

So let’s talk Odette. She is the cutest, sweetest little girl who happens to be battling Leukemia. Oh, and did I  mention she is only ONE year old? I have a one-year-old, and I know how tiny and fragile they are. It breaks my heart every time I think of Odette and the trials she and her family have faced . . .  and continue to face.

What truly amazes me even more is her family’s attitude. As I read her mom’s blog I smile. Sometimes I shed a tear, but I mostly smile. They are a positive family who finds joy in everything and I admire that tremendously. This holiday season I hope we all can dig a little deeper, whether it be for Odette, a neighbor, a family member or someone we don’t even know. I’ll leave you with my favorite quote from Kung Fu Panda: “Yesterday is history. Tomorrow a mystery. Today is a gift; that’s why it’s called the present.

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